Hello, I’m Ayomide aka Ayomee aka Aymee (lol). Thanks for checking out the site. I’m the evidence of God’s faithfulness, one to whose life has been transformed from a soup of nothingness, a bottomless emptiness and an inky blackness to a life of form, filled with the light of God and packaged with the Grace of God.

Welcome to the blog where words inspired by Abba are used to shape souls and encourage the growth of Believers

About the Blog

Ever-evolving Masterpiece (EEM) is a platform, a safe space where words inspired by Abba are beautifully woven into tools that shape souls (clay) into the beautiful masterpiece we were created to be.

I do hope that you do not just merely read, but digest the words, relax and allow Abba mould you with the words you’d read on the blog.

Our goals are:

Goal 1

Goal 2

Goal 3
Goal 4

Goal 5
Goal 6

So yes to growth and cheers to evolving.